Mike Luzier, President NAHB Research

“Constructing a one of a kind research facility requires design solutions and cost evaluation at a very early stageto provide NAHB Research Center with the flexibility to review impact of multiple design changes on budget and schedule….


“As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders and our status as a leading research facility with an international client base, it was critical that we have state of the art facilities. We have taken over 1000 colleagues and clients through the facility and every one of them has been impressed with the appearance and functionality of the building. Without your ability to provide engineering solutions to our design needs we would not have been able to establish the precise and firm cost estimates you were able to provide us.

NAHB Research Hall of Fame 2008

Brennan Vice President, Central Avenue Nissan

“Our mission statement at Central Avenue Nissan is you will be satisfied. Industrial building Systems LLC was responsible for the structural design and construction of a new Nissan service facility. The facility had to meet stringent Nissan quality requirements for the design, aesthetics, and quality. The fact that Industrial Building Systems LLC had experience working with the Nissan franchise program before was extremely helpful. The building was delivered and erected in the time frame promised. Industrial Building Systems worked well with the Construction Manager and quickly resolved coordination issues. The final pricing was a substantial savings to other quotes I had received yet change orders were minimal and fair. The items on the punch-list you created for your own quality control program were not anything I would have known existed with my limited construction experience. I believe you and your Company represent your industry and VP Buildings extremely well.

Farm Juice
Bikers Edge
United Rental
Over Head NAHB
Bikers Edge Bike Shop Bristol Ct
Bikers Edge Flex Building Bristol Ct
Bikers Edge Sport Arena Southington Ct
Bridgeport Church of God Bridgeport Ct
California Closet Shelton CT
California Closet Stiles Machines fit-out Shelton Ct
California Closet Mail Systems fit-out Shelton Ct
Central Avenue Nissan Yonkers NY
Connecticut Fireboat Bridgeport Ct
Earthworks Beacon Falls Ct
Earthworks Oxford Ct

When constructing manufacturing facilities, pragmatic use of space is always a priority. But for the Lee Company, so is natural lighting...

"The client was very concerned about the reduction in natural lighting typically found in large-footprint structures without skylights. Clerestory windows below the eaves and a split roof ridge created a set of "monitor" windows that provided the natural lighting the client desired. Varco Pruden and Industrial Building Systems worked with the architect to ensure that structural elements never compromised daylight openings."

Photo of California Closets

Pre-engineered and conventional construction techniques were optimized to achieve other Lee Company objectives as well...

"Only Varco Pruden products from IBS were able to provide the clear span of 110 feet to allow the most versatile use of space. The exterior wall was inverted to create a clean interior wall line — even at eave height, via the use of straight columns with column piers located to the exterior."

The accuracy and versatility of pre-engineered construction with decorative options that say, "Custom built." With Industrial Building Systems and Varco Pruden, that's only the beginning...

"The custom truss canopy at the entry. The accent color bands and colorful exterior pier wraps. The roof leaders that change color as they pass through the various color fields. All the decorative elements combine to take this building out of the realm of the mundane and place it class by itself."

Photo of California Closets

Commercial building construction can be a very daunting process. Especially for first-time clients. So many variables have to come together flawlessly to achieve the desired results. Just ask Steve and Cathy Brennan of California Closets…

Photo of clients

“You need someone who will be there from start to finish, who knows all the ins and outs of completing a project on time and within budget. We initially decided to work with Bill Lewis of Industrial Building Systems because Bill had designed a beautiful building for our company. But as the project developed, we realized that his depth of experience in the building industry was invaluable to the success of our project.”

IBS brings more to your venture than state-of-the-art building materials. Bill's unmatched engineering and construction expertise combine with an incomparable level of integrity to make IBS a one-of-a-kind partner in the success of your next assignment.

Photo of clients

“Bill was 100% involved in the project from start to finish. Not only patient and professional throughout the design stage, he walked us through the many stages of planning and zoning. And was extremely helpful in site development—which saved us time and money. His knowledge and expertise made this a great experience for us.”

Photo of California Closets

Bill's clients include:

Bikers Edge
Bridgeport Church of God
California Closets CT
Connecticut Fireboat
Forest Homes Division of Lancaster Redevelopment
Homa Pump Phase I and Phase II
JB Frank Moving and Storage
Lee Company
Mario D'Addario Nissan
Milford Transit
Norwalk Innovation
Pitney Bowes
Scholastic Books
Southern Connecticut University
Spinnaker Properties
Sports Plus
Standard Builders
The Sport Zone
United Rental
University of Connecticut



Bill Lewis has won lots of awards. But his greatest source of pride is his clients' satisfaction.

Varco Pruden, the world-leader in pre-engineered building systems, created its VP Hall of Fame to recognize outstanding facilities constructed by VP contractors. The Hall of Fame honor is awarded for excellence in design, craftsmanship and construction. But that's not the only reason Bill has won it for three years running. The award also recognizes superior service to architects, building owners and specifiers around the world.

VP logo

As Ross Braithwait, Vice President, Sales, Varco Pruden Inc., recently stated: “I want to congratulate you and IBS for being selected to VP's 2003 Hall of Fame. You are the best of the best. And that's certainly a distinction to be proud of.”

Photo of California ClosetsCalifornia Closets, Shelton, CT
Hall of Fame 2002
Manufacturing Building

In addition to being selected “best of the best” in VP's Recreation and Manufacturing categories, Bill has been named "Top Metal Builders of the Year" for 2001, 2002 and 2003 by Metal Construction News.



Photo of Best of Category Sport ZoneSport Zone, Trumbull, CT
Hall of Fame 2002
Recreation Building

“The success of Industrial Building Systems LLC is a tribute to your overall organization and deserving of industry recognition. It takes a rare combination of marketing, business expertise, and construction talent to reach the top of the metal building industry. VP Building Inc. is honored to be associated with your company.”

Photo of  Lee CompanyLee Company, Westbrook, CT
Hall of Fame 2003
Manufacturing Building

It's always gratifying to be acknowledged.

Imagine how it feels to be part of Bill's rare commitment to construction achievement.

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