From sports arenas, aircraft hangers and corporate headquarters to shopping centers, automobile dealerships and sacred houses of worship. Bill Lewis, president of Industrial Building Systems, has built them all. Each facility a tangible manifestation of the vision, passion and commitment to construction excellence you will receive when Bill Lewis builds your next project.

Bill's hands-on approach to each stage of the building process guarantees much more than the finest in craftsmanship and aesthetically pleasing functionality. Bill's 20 years of experience bring strategic innovation and superior service to your worksite, peace-of-mind to your clients and create a final product that far exceeds every expectation.

By combining the construction industry's most advanced computer technology with Industrial Building Systems' engineering and building expertise you are assured of:

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• Instant access to architectural-quality structural building plans—suitable for further owner/architect planning or submission to planning boards, zoning departments or corporate management

• Exquisitely accurate building-structure details that allow you to design your facility down to a fraction of an inch

• Exact building design, processing, manufacturing and construction specifications that satisfy your unique requirements with precision-made highest quality materials

• Reduced design, estimating and construction times that offer the added bonus of flexibility to explore “what if” design alternatives

• Fast, meticulous materials manufacturing and delivery — featuring web-based ordering, design access and delivery information

Photo of Mario D'Addario NissanChoose Industrial Building Systems to ensure the integrity of your facility for years to come—and construction confidence that will last a lifetime.