Photo of buildingMaximizing efficiency and accuracy—from conception through construction—Varco Pruden's proprietary VP Command System utilizes cutting-edge technology to reduce design, estimation and building time while passing significant cost savings on to you.

Photo of Mario D'Addario NissanWorking with architects, award-winning Vacro Pruden builder/engineer/Industrial Building Systems President Bill Lewis brings his expertise to this advanced technology to design and engineer every detail of the building process with exceptional precision. The end result? From estimates, conceptual planning and layouts to 3-D virtual tours, materials ordering and manufacturing, the VP Command System provides the foundation for the most accurate estimates, on-time design/construction schedules and the fastest field-erection under the sun. All with previously unattainable savings in time and money.

VP's advanced software and pre-engineered building materials allow Industrial Building Systems to revolutionize the way buildings are conceived, designed and delivered. Let Bill Lewis put this technology of choice for low-rise-buildings to work for you.

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